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Chief, Division of Capital Investment, Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.
   since March, 2007.  The Division is responsible for a program that in fiscal year 2007 alone agreed to guarantee $87 million in loans to Indian tribes and Indian owned businesses, nationwide.  Similar in some respects to loan guarantee programs offered by other agencies of the Federal government, the impact of the DCI program in Indian country has historically been much greater, in part because it operates exclusively in the immediate vicinity of tribal reservations and Bureau of Indian Affairs tribal service areas.  Active loans in the program total nearly $400 million.

 Former member of the Judicial Appeals Tribunal, the Supreme Court of the 210,000-member Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, based in Tahlequah, OK., biography there:

  • (Justice, 12/4/1976-1/28/1981) 
  • (Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation, 1/28/1981-12/31/94) 
  • (Justice, 1/1/1995-2/10/99) 
  • (Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation, 2/10/1999-12/31/2000)
  • (Justice, 1/1/2001-8/15/02)


M.L.I.S. 1998  (Master of Library and Information Studies), University of Oklahoma. Classes taken at Rogers University, Tulsa
M.B.A. 1983  University of Tulsa
J.D. 1975  University of Tulsa
B.A. 1968  University of Virginia   see current service to U.Va. as member of Alumni Diversity Advisory Council (ADAC) and my bio on that page (appointed 2007) and the work of the Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity

Writing:                (All prices subject to change)

Book: NATIONAL STATUARY HALL: Guidebook for a Walking Tour
First edition (1995) Second Edition (1997)
$11.95 not stocked!!!! $11.95

Book in progress
: Researching a book on artwork in the U.S. Capitol, to be in same format as Statuary Hall guidebook, taking the visitor from area to area and highlighting paintings, busts, and other pieces.

Foreword for The Brainerd Journal : A Mission to the Cherokees, 1817-1823 (Indians of the Southeast Series), transcribed by Joyce B. Phillips and Paul Gary Phillips. University of Nebraska Press, published fall 1998 $65

to The J.B. Milam Library: A Short-Title Catalog, issued by McFarlin Library of the University of Tulsa, 1993. J.B. Milam was my grandfather and Principal Chief of the Cherokees from 1941 until his death in 1949.  Click here NOT for the Introduction, but for a listing of the collection   n.b. file is approx. 800kb and takes a while to load

Essays written for Notable Native Americans, published late 1994 by Gale Research, Inc., Detroit: $118.75
  • Jim Thorpe, all-around athlete and Olympic hero
  • Ross Swimmer, former Cherokee chief and BIA head
  • John Rollin Ridge, Cherokee poet, author and editor
  • Stand Watie, Cherokee tribal leader and Confederate general
  • Elias Boudinot, Cherokee leader, translator and editor


Essays in the twenty-volume work American National Biography, published in late 1998 by Oxford University Press

Click here to read about the American National Biography    

contact for quote
  • Revolutionary War General John Stark of New Hampshire
  • Clarence J. Brown (U.S. Representative from Ohio)                            
  • Daniel Chester French (sculptor)
  • Richard E. Brooks (sculptor)
  • Mahonri Young (sculptor)
  • Horatio Stone (sculptor and lecturer)
  • Allyn Cox (muralist)

("The Cover") in Libraries and Culture, Winter 1999, 34:1 about the J.B. Milam Library, part of Special Collections at the University of Tulsa.  Article by Jerrie Hall, Philip Viles Jr., Sidney F. Huttner 

Comment, Student Practice and the Oklahoma Legal Internship Program, 10 TULSA LAW JOURNAL 463 (1975).

Wrote four-page handout entitled "Your Participation in College Nights" and used with my speech to 40 people attending University of Virginia's Alumni Club Workshop, October, 1994, detailing how to promote U.Va. to high school students. Handout used by the University at same workshop in 1995 and mailed to all its alumni chapters for their use. Updated the handout and delivered another speech on September 27, 1996. Material still being used in 2008 and is now posted on Virginia's web site.

C-SPAN live national TV appearances (7)


On September 7, 1995, I appeared on C-SPAN to discuss my Statuary Hall guidebook and to take questions from callers. The 35 minute broadcast was live from Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.  Susan Swain was the host.              C-SPAN Archives # 67008


On November 8, 1995, I again appeared live from Statuary Hall for 30 minutes. The program followed the same format--a brief discussion of the collection, some information about three or four of the statues, and then open phone lines.  Connie Brod (now Executive Producer of BOOKTV for C-SPAN)  was the host.                      C-SPAN Archives # 68206


 Then, on November 9, 1995, I had 30 additional minutes of the same format, this time from the Hall of Columns on the first floor of the Capitol.    Susan Swain was the host.                                                                                                               C-SPAN Archives # 68231

   Brian Lamb fighting (successfully) to maintain
   his composure after tossing me a caller's question on
   whether vegetarian artists should have that fact noted
   on the nameplates of their artwork.                [VIDEO DISABLED FOR NOW]

On September 23, 1996, I again appeared live for 26 minutes, this time from the Senate Reception Room of the U.S. Capitol, to discuss not only the art in that room but art throughout the Capitol. I was able to promote both the Statuary Hall book and the forthcoming "Highlights of Art in the U.S. Capitol" book. Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN, was the studio host. There were approximately ten questions phoned in during the show; one was from Hawaii.                                                  C-SPAN Archives # 75330


On May 23, 1997, I appeared live for 25 minutes, from the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. I discussed the statue of astronaut Jack Swigert, dedicated the day before, by the State of Colorado. I also talked about the recently-moved Suffragette Portrait Monument.  Steven Scully was the host.                                                 C-SPAN Archives # 81401


On June 6, 2000, I appeared live for almost 10 minutes, from the House Connecting Corridor (2nd floor) to discuss the four states which had not sent a second statue and the plans of three of them to do so.  I also talked about the proposed legislation which would allow substitution of statues.  Paul Orgel was the host.              C-SPAN Archives # ?

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On September 8, 2000, I appeared live for 15 minutes, from the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.  I discussed the statue of Chief Washakie, dedicated the day before, by the State of Wyoming.  I also gave an update on the legislation which I had mentioned in June.  I worked with Connie Brod - see November 8, 1995 above.  Have we changed?
              C-SPAN Archives # 159126-3

NBC News national TV appearance

NBC News sent a two-man crew to Tulsa on April 15, 1999 to tape me commenting on a possible move by Kansas to change its Statuary Hall nominees.  Story was aired on the "Today Show" in the summer of 1999.


                                   U.Va. graduate                                                                                  U.Va. graduate



Cherokee Nation:

Cherokee Nation Medal of Patriotism awarded September, 2003

United States of America

Air Force Commendation Medal  Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Combat Device  Vietnam Service Medal with Bronze Service Star National Defense Service Medal

Republic of Vietnam:
Armed Forces Honor Medal, First Class   Commendation Medal with Bronze Service Star   

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